Grow your value with our strategy, lean customer validation, business cases, design thinking, proof of concepts, technology and business development.


Our Process

Practical, Thorough and Efficient

We work with you to define what success looks like and when.

We start by engaging your teams to understand your commercialization objectives, market opportunities, challenges, capabilities, KPIs, and desired future state.

We assemble the right subject matter experts and advisors to complement your team.

We investigate the answers, hypotheses, and assumptions for your product-market, problem-solution, and business model fit.

We run internal workshops with your executive team to advance decision-making and alignment for the best commercialization path(s) forward.

We customize the MIT and Stanford go-to-market methodologies, our services, moderated research toolbox, templates, and digital MVP lab to your commercialization needs and product-market fit stage.

We stand-up agile processes for progress cadence to track and publish the key metrics that define your go-to-market success and engagement with us. 

With your team, we accomplish any of the following results:

  1. Efficient Experimentation
  2. Gap Closed in Problem-Solution Fit
  3. Gap Closed in Product-Market Fit
  4. Validated Business Model
  5. Essential Proof Points
  6. Evidence for Service and Total Addressable Markets
  7. Customer ROI, Internal Business Case
  8. Lower Customer Acquisition Cost
  9. Capability Maturity
  10. Scaling and Expansion for Repeatable Sales


Market Strategy

Targeted Market Strategy. 

We help you find evidence for attractive customer segments to prioritize your market opportunities.

From VenAdvisory, you receive penetrating target market analyses, competitive landscapes and use cases to drive your go-to-market decisions. You can experiment and prospect efficiently. You can validate your assumptions and jobs-to-be-done, know the real strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, differentiate, understand how your solution will be adopted and how you profit. By testing whether your features and value propositions resonate, you can prioritize your roadmap for what is essential, and confirm if you have buyer need to make a sale, proceed forward or pivot.

Find revenue opportunities

  • Strategic Market Analysis
  • Product Market Fit 
  • Competitive Analysis & Differentiation 
  • Competitor Business Models
  • Focused Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Jobs-to-Be-Done 
  • Customer Buying Process
  • Follow-the-Money and Pricing 

Our Design Tools: Lean Business Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Value Trees, Ten Types of Innovation, MIT Disciplined Entrepreneurship, CEB Best Practices, Chasm Institute, Steve Blank (Stanford), Blue Ocean, Jobs-to-be-Done

Our Data Sources: VenAdvisory Expert Advisors, LinkedIn, Glass Door, CB Insights, IBISWorld, Pitchbook, M&A Transactions, Trade Associations



Customer Validation

Validated Customer Insights to improve your launch results.

Use our lean customer POC process to validate your go-to-market opportunities and business case.

You save effort, cost and time with moderated insights from our proprietary panel of 875 healthcare and technology experts. Our panel includes decision-makers, super users, and early and late majority adopters across a spectrum of organizational, functional and specialty areas. Customer interviews, poll results, and insights are organized efficiently and easily accessed in our moderated user research system with go-to-market dashboard templates and analytics.

  • Pressure testing your assumptions & hypotheses.
  • Interview healthcare thought leaders in market segments to test your MVPs, proof-of-concepts and prototypes. 
  • Get quick, cost-effective, timely feedback.
  • Convene expert stakeholder panels for your solution (payers, providers, health consumers, medical devices, reimbursement, digital health, big data, sensors, AI, clinical trials, pharma, and disease areas). 
  • Find pilot and early sales opportunities.
  • Save on your recruiting cost and time-to-insight. 
  • Leverage your voice-of-customer insights to differentiate your solution.
  • Discover your customer's Why-How-What? value points.
  • Validate your maximum value propositions.
  • Align your messaging and solution value to customer needs.
  • Position your brand and solution above competitors.
  • Discover where to shorten the sales cycle.
  • Identify what narratives drive better sales conversions and buying decisions.
  • Evaluate when, how and what your customers should pay.
  • Define ideal customer profiles.

Our Design Tools: Moderated Research, Interview Discussion Guides, Hypothesis-Assumption Testing, Personas, Customer Journey Mapping, As-Is/To-Be Use Cases, Storyboards, Wireframes, Prototypes, Value Proposition Design, Lean Customer Validation

Technologies: VenAdvisory AccelerateGTM™ Toolbox (Moderated Research System, Survey Polling, Digital MVP Studio, GTM Dashboard/Analytics, Virtual Collaboration Room in development)

Expert Panel: 875 healthcare and technology experts



Business Case

Dynamic Business Models and Business Case.

Construct robust evidence and assumptions to build defensible Total Addressable Markets (TAM), Service Addressable Markets (SAM) and financials. Our models allow you to communicate interactive, “what-if” scenarios to board members, project sponsors or investors for due diligence.

VenAdvisory includes dynamic financial modeling tools that demonstrate customer ROI business cases incorporating healthcare utilization and reimbursement data, clinical benefit and workflow savings. We provide Principal Investigator intervention design studies and other clinical proof points for use cases, ROI and outcomes, IRB submission, grants and regulatory approval. 

  • Build your TAM (Total Addressable & Serviceable Markets).

  • Show your gains from “What-if” scenarios and dynamic modeling.

  • Visualize project outcomes, sales impact, and operational results.

  • Estimate specific project level effort for cost and launch.

  • Identify your potential upsides, risks, tradeoffs, and milestones.

  • Model customer ROI and benefits realization.

  • Price models for value, benefit and faster customer adoption.

  • Validate the best insurance coding and reimbursement pathways.

  • Determine your customer acquisition cost.

  • Value your business.

Our Design Tools: Strategy Dynamics Essentials, Scenario Visualization Models, Statistical and Economic Risk Models, Healthcare Prevalence Models

Our Data Sources: Public and Commercial Data Sets, AMA CPT, CMS, Internal Data, Scientific/Medical Journals, Grade of Evidence, M&A Transactions (Pitchbook, Mattermark), CB Insights, Crunchbase




Accelerate Customer Traction.

Convert leads to qualified sales interest at 250% of industry norms.

Give your customers reasons to believe with compelling proof points, business cases, and ROI.

Capabilities and playbooks for Go-to-market 

  • Find best-fit prospects.
  • Execute go-to-market playbooks.
  • Reduce your time to close with effective sales assets.
  • Improve sales conversations with customer personas.
  • Demonstrate your value with proof points that resonate.
  • Design shorter, consistent and effective sales processes.
  • Increase awareness of market, competitor and customer intelligence.
  • Create visual storytelling tools for sharper messaging.
  • Build brand trust and emotion with content.
  • Establish thought leadership and crucial context in crowded marketplaces.
  • Generate leads with voice-of-customer advisory boards and opinion leaders.
  • Support growth marketing.
  • Transform processes for customer lifecycles.
  • Install GTM metrics to track your growth and customer success.

Our Design Tools: CEB Best Practices, Pragmatic Marketing, Brain Shark, Crossing the Chasm,Explainer Videos, Infographics

Our Data Sources: CRM Sales, Marketing & Product Qualified Leads, Marketing Qualified Leads, Sale Funnel Data, Net Promoter Scores, Digital Marketing Analytics, Social Media, HIMSS, Healthcare Conferences



Convert 200% to 250% of your interest into more sales.

Sales Interest Conversion Rate

On average, VenAdvisory will conduct market research interviews with 6.8% of its leads. Of those interviewed, 36.8% express interest in sale or pilot. From leads contacted to sales, VenAdvisory has a sales interest conversion rate of 2.5%.

Party Leads Contacted Interviews Held Sales Interest Conversion Rate
VenAdvisory  100%  6.8%  2.5%
 Healthcare  100%  2.7% – 3.4%  1.0% – 1.25%


Strategic Business Development

Grow your revenues and value.

Validate your product market-fit and sales interest in 30% less time. Lower your cost of customer acquisition by 40%.

Conceive, validate and launch better solutions in less time with greater confidence.

Close more deals, in less time, at higher margins. We convert the funnel, realize value faster and preserve your capital when too many unknowns or limited resources gate your sales efforts. At any stage, we help you qualify best-fit prospects, then set you apart from the crowd with compelling sales conversations.

  • Boost early sales wins with outsourced business development.
  • Enhance what you sell with a wealth of relevant, commercial insights.
  • Improve how you sell with strategic, account-based coaching.
  • Focus on what customers care about to drive conversions to close.
  • Convert pilots to the enterprise scale.    
  • Simplify sales agreement terms and SLAs for new business models.

Our Design Tools: CEB Challenger Sale, StoryLeaders, MEDDIC, Target Account Selling, Strategic Selling

Our Data Sources: CRM Sales, Marketing & Product Qualified Leads, Sale Funnel Data, CSO Insights (Miller Heiman Group), For Entrepreneurs, Hacking Sales, Full Stack Sales, Sales KPIs, HIMSS, Healthcare Conferences 



Benefit From 30% Less Time than Traditional Effort Through the Funnel.

Time Through Funnel

The VenAdvisory sales cycle to opportunity identification has an average length of 61 days and close in 120 days. The average healthcare B2B2C enterprise sales cycle length to close is 170 days (Rock Health). 


CxO Advisors

Award Winning CxO consulting services.

Fuel your growth by applying our decades of success in healthcare, technology, fund raising and sales expertise. We've worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to create compelling, winning pitches and evidence-based financial plans to raise money at Health 2.0, Mass Challenge and incubators.

The same experienced CxOs will help your growth or enterprise company with commercialization.

Our CxO advisors will apply their extensive investor, operating, startup and clinical experiences to your success. Their insights and collaborative coaching styles help align your teams and close gaps in your product-market fit. They will help differentiate your solution by testing these stories iteratively in target customer segments. They will help you  craft the market-winning differentiation you deserve for sales and funding. After all, amazing your customers with compelling proof points  is the only path to early traction in crowded markets. 

Learn more about our multifaceted team and how we can make a difference for you.


We use best practices for commercializing your solutions.

Use your time and resources efficiently by applying frameworks vetted by thousands of companies and startups. We constantly evaluate our methods and work product to improve our currency and your results.




VenAdvisory leads in-house workshops with incubators, companies, and enterprises all over North America, helping teams develop commercialization strategies for efficient customer validation, product-market fit, business case modeling, and sales enablement. We use the MIT and Stanford frameworks to accelerate go-to-market efforts for solutions. 

We have coached and met with over 90 teams and founders and have adapted the MIT and Stanford frameworks to develop a real-world, proven go-to-market framework with specific tactics and KPIs. You can review our workshop reviews here and testimonials here.

VenAdvisory workshops help teams break traditional commercialization perspectives by introducing them to Lean Canvas, the MIT Disciplined Entrepreneurship, and Stanford Customer Validation frameworks. Our workshops are engaging, fun, and practical.

We help teams better target customer segments, find paths to challenging, competitive markets, approach complex market entry challenges, problems, innovate collaboratively, and create realistic execution plans. Participants learn how to craft GTM questions, challenge their GTM assumptions and state their hypotheses for testing product-market fit and sales interest.

Webinars and Downloads

Mass Challenge Webinar 

Commercialization Workshop at ventureLAB

Commercialization Panel at Stanford