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We work with many clients to commercialize innovative solutions that solve health care problems in 30% less time and 40% less cost.


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Launching A Breakthrough In Orthopedic Patient Recovery

Market Strategy, Customer Validation, Business Case, Design Thinking, Customer ROI Model, Strategic Business Development

"VenAdvisory delivered the expertise for launching an entirely new category in wearable healthcare technology expanding our product line to a new market base. They did a fantastic job for us.

VenAdvisory was instrumental in helping us create scenarios for our business case reflecting regulatory changes and internal resource constraints. We were confident with their work to present to our private equity investors. Their work addressed how we can be successful in the Medicare bundled payments and commercial health plan markets.

On the product launch side, they de-risked our go-to-market assumptions by validating key proof points with over 20 external buyers and influencers. With their years of experience and design process, they helped build our brand positioning; differentiating our novel solution from scores of other companies in a highly competitive marketplace.”

—Brad Lee
Chief Executive Officer, Breg

Solutioning for Value-Based Reimbursement

Business Model, Healthcare Lean Canvas, Market Strategy, Business Case, Product Market Fit, Solution Architecture

"Value-based reimbursement has transformed how musculoskeletal care is delivered and how patients stay engaged.  

We hired VenAdvisory to construct a solution blueprint that leveraged Medicare’s CJR (hip and knee replacement) payment program. This blueprint allows providers to participate in savings, increase patient referrals, demonstrate evidence-based outcomes and care coordination, and improve patient self-care, accountability and satisfaction. 
The VenAdvisory team came up to speed very quickly, developing the strategy and the plans to: 

  • Identify new revenue opportunities.
  • Apply design thinking frameworks to size, identify and validate market opportunities and points of differentiation for Clinicient.
  • Craft and validate Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with prospective customers to save us time-to-market.
  • Use Agile planning to speed internal decision-making on cross-functional projects.
  • Improve our Go-To-Market (GTM) by identifying collaboration processes to close hand-off gaps between product, engineering, product marketing and voice of the customer.
  • We also found their Total Addressable Market (TAM) analysis to be compelling and rigorous. The financial modeling of key assumptions was invaluable for building business cases for strategic relationships.

VenAdvisory has the depth of multi-disciplinary experience in healthcare, solution development, technical architecture, change management, and product marketing that few companies have. Their team members have run large IT programs, startups and launched many health care solutions that bring credibility to their work. Additionally, they are well-liked by our board and management team, and ran lean so their pricing affords access to senior professionals who can complement internal expertise without the burden of “overhead” that comes with other firms. In three months, they gained our trust and became our go to team and sounding board for most of our challenging business issues. I highly recommend them."

—Rick Jung
CEO & Chairman, Clinicient

Bringing SRI Technologies to Market in Shorter Time

Business Model, Healthcare Lean Canvas, Product Market Fit, Business Case

"At SRI, we are always looking to make impact with our cutting edge research. I was particularly interested in making such an impact in the digital healthcare area and needed some fast, practical help. We brought in Geof and his team from VenAdvisory to find the right use cases for our technologies and to test our go-to-market (GTM) assumptions. 

VenAdvisory first spent time with the Technology teams understanding the technology base and the specific advantages they provided. They then quickly helped size the markets, understand the competition, and helped defining possible value props with the technology. 

I liked how they adapted the lean business canvas model to our technology portfolio: defining possible use cases, filtering our top opportunities and finding avenues to early commercialization. We’re now moving forward on the digital health roadmap developed by VenAdvisory with our teams."

—Manish Kothari
President, SRI Ventures; Vice President, SRI International

Powering Digital Health Innovation

Funding Pitch, Business Model, Healthcare Lean Canvas, Product Market Fit, Business Case, Go-To-Market

"In 2015, WBBA (Life Science Washington) launched an initiative to nurture the digital health and health information technology sector in Washington State. While WBBA had a strong track record of supporting life sciences, we recognized the growing convergence of digital health, precision medicine and devices. With over 100 early-stage digital health companies in Washington state, it became clear to us we had an opportunity to extend our membership services to this growing community. 

We saw an immediate need for a digital health advisor as an extension of our other successful mentorship and commercialization programs. It was important that we find an advisor who could relate well to our entrepreneurs with stories and practical advice. 

We interviewed partners at several firms. What attracted us to VenAdvisory was their leadership and healthcare experience. VenAdvisory’s advisors have gone through the entrepreneurial journey themselves from idea to inception and from funding to exit. 

Since on-boarding our VenAdvisory advisor, we’re seeing an average of five new companies a month. The advisor has been received very well by our digital health entrepreneurs. Follow up surveys consistently reveal 'top box' satisfaction and likelihood to recommend ratings, with many startup founders returning for repeat consultations. With VenAdvisory’s help, our brand and cache with digital health entrepreneurs has improved tremendously."

—Linette Demers
Vice President, Commercialization, Life Science Washington

Investor Growth Story for Disruptive Business Model

Market Strategy, Business Model, Product Market Fit, Business Case, Funding Pitch

"Eyecarrot connects vision science with brain science. We’ve developed a breakthrough platform and service model to enhance oculomotor sensory performance across multiple treatment modalities. 

Investor interest in our story, technology and team has been significant. What we needed was substantive evidence of market opportunities in the U.S. to build our growth story. We met VenAdvisory initially at JP Morgan Healthcare and Health 2.0. When we met again, it was clear they had invested considerable effort into understanding our business. VenAdvisory earned our business. 

We retained the VenAdvisory team to evaluate market opportunities and business models in several markets. We had a short time line and needed a focused investor story. VenAdvisory exceeded our expectations in validating key assumptions for these addressable market segments. I liked their frameworks, ability to distill vast amounts of market data, find solid comparables, and provide a sensible direction for our go-to-market strategy. They even found new customer categories for us to exploit our technologies in ways we had not foreseen. They also helped de-risk our story, cautioning us against entering one saturated market category. VenAdvisory collaborated with us closely, coaching us and delivering an invaluable financial planning model and investor story that we use today for our banking meetings."

—Adam Cegielski
CEO & Founder, Eyecarrot (TSX-V: EYC)

Defining Paths to Early Customer Adoption

Market Strategy, Product Market Fit, Customer Validation, Strategic Business Development

"In 2015, we completed feature development for an innovative product solution designed as a medication surveillance system for identifying and stratifying complex patients with adherence and polypharmacy issues. What we needed was a clear and comprehensive road map for taking our product to market, one that would differentiate us, provide a tight match between market needs and features of our solution, and give us a large enough footprint to be both rewarding in the near-term and attractive for our potential future investors.  

Geof Baker and his team at VenAdvisory were the consummate resource to deliver what we needed. With their help and guidance, we managed to make tremendous progress in the development of our Exceptionally Viable Product (EVP) strategy and in validating the usefulness of our product features with key people in several market segments. 

Geof also provided relevant industry examples that helped us to better understand and in turn, address the concerns/objections of our prospective clients. The guidance received from VenAdvisory not only improved our product messaging, but also dramatically increased the overall appeal of our solution – and made it easier to pilot, sell and deploy. In a matter of a few months, VenAdvisory has greatly accelerated our efforts to identify several target markets, our ability to prioritize feature improvements in our product offerings, and our efforts to secure customer validation prior to execution. We are grateful to VenAdvisory for their expertise and quality contribution and look forward to the next phase of our engagement."

—Megan Mok
CEO and President, Peoplechart Corporation


Over 90 CEOs and entrepreneurs have worked with us to realize their greater value faster. 



Winning Stories

Funding Pitch, Business Case, Business Model, Go-to-Market

“I am happy to see Baze, my precision nutrition company, come in 2nd place out of 60 companies in the Fall, 2018 Health 2.0 conference. Going in as a finalist with six other companies for a 5-minute pitch to the investor panel was challenging. As the CTO co-founder and chief scientist, I needed to tell a great story to share our vision, my passion, the problem we’re solving, why my solution is better, and how we’re going to commercialize and scale.

We’re disrupting the $44BN supplement market in the U.S with a science-based and truly personalized product for real impact. In less than a week, Geof and his VenAdvisory team made a remarkable difference in our narrative. They collaborated with me to build a compelling story with proof points for savings, clinical evidence, business model, and ease of adoption.

VenAdvisory gets my highest recommendation as an investor deck pitch coach. Their unique abilities to understand my markets and explain the right flow, persuasion, and structure from an investor's point of view are invaluable. Geof tactfully helped improve my pitch and deck in compelling ways and proved spot-on with his observations and suggestions.”

—Isam Haddad, Co-founder, Chief Scientist & CTO of Baze

“DermaSensor was selected as a finalist among 80 companies to pitch at Health 2.0 Traction. Going into the final round with incredible CEOs and companies, the competition got tougher. We needed a better way to tell our story in 30 seconds to grab the attention of the investor panel and keep them engaged so we could tell them more.

In one week, Geof and his VenAdvisory team made an incredible difference in the effectiveness of my pitch. They collaborated with my team to develop new insights on how to frame our business model. VenAdvisory greatly enhanced the way I pitched our value propositions into a story that tugged on the judges and audience to select us.

VenAdvisory’s pitch coaching was outstanding. They took our core investor deck, reshaped it to explain why we deserved to win the contest. The story worked. Success! We are thrilled to win the Health 2.0 Traction pitch competition as the most Series A ready company in the consumer tracking 2017.” 

—Cody Simmons, CEO of DermaSensor



Realizing Value Faster

Market Strategy, Business Case, Value Proposition, Go-to-Market

“I’ve reached out to a lot of individuals in building our investor pitch deck and an hour with the coaches from VenAdvisory provided, by far, the most insight and value. And it doesn’t stop there, the cumulative feedback of their one hour session and quality of that feedback creates a value proposition has been unachievable by others. I’m looking forward to engaging with VenAdvisory in our go-to-market efforts including fund raising, market positioning, and business development.”

—George Gosieski, Luminary & Founder of JumpStart CSR


"Geof doesn't just give high-level advice; he gets specific. He makes connections, he shares examples of companies doing it right, and he helps me get really clear on my approach to my business."

—Jill Angelo, Co-founder & CEO of genneve


"I had the pleasure of working with Geof as an advisor over this past year. He has an incredible ability to distill lots of information, think critically about it, and provide insightful advice on nearly any startup or business topic. He has a natural ability to teach, willingly shares many stories and examples, and has provided valuable connections to business associates in his vast network.“

—Bonnie Cech, CEO Founder of CadenceMD


“Geof was referred to us by an investor and delivered immediate value helping us get crisp on our value, solution, markets, milestones and what problems we are solving. His years of diverse experience in startups and large companies has been invaluable. I get great practical insights on building a company and knowing what could happen next."

—Lonnie Kurlander, Founder of Medal    



Accelerating Go-to-Market

Strategic Business Development, Go-to-Market, Business Model

"I met when I was an emerging/startup company looking for networking, funding, and general advisement. Geof was extremely accessible and took time to understand ProCARE Portal's value proposition and provide numerous suggestions and considerations we had not previously considered. He was especially valuable in identifying a range of companies who have some kind of unique link to us as a competitor or strategic partner. His background and experience allowed him to understand our position in the market and make and recommend connections that were valuable."

—Matt BonDurant, Founder of ProCARE Portal


"Geof is extraordinary at grasping what a start-up is all about and translating his deep knowledge of the healthcare market into actionable suggestions. Couldn't ask for more!"

—Scott Parris, Co-founder & CEO of Synapse Medical


"As a healthcare startup, we meet with a lot of advisors. VenAdvisory stands out from the crowd. A few minutes with Geof can be worth hours of research and discussion. He quickly assesses the company's situation, asks the most precise questions and then rapidly delivers recommendations on the most important next steps the company should take.“

—Brian Howe, CEO of Format Health


"The scope and understanding of the VenAdvisory team are impressive. I felt like there was an instant understanding of how our company works and the connections needed to make better decisions, faster paths to our next funding round, and new business channels. It was clear that the focus was on bringing new solutions to market quickly through both traditional channels and new opportunities."

—Brian Mogen, CEO of MultiModal Health



Efficient & Effective Market Validation

Go-to-Market, Customer Validation, Strategic Business Development, Product Market Fit

"As an entrepreneur, these types of sessions don't happen often enough, largely because all of the great things you did to make it happen (coordination, mentor recruitment, meeting structure, etc.) require significant commitment from your organization. I have been a mentor and been mentored throughout my entrepreneurial career and, hands down, yours was the most productive session I've encountered."

—Dave Bulger, CEO of tuzag


"Over the last few months I have had a few company start-up related conversations with Geof Baker. They have been very well planned and executed and the outcome very valuable to me (i-Function) in our process of getting our final strategy, presentations and other material ready for investors, companies, etc. 
What I have appreciated most is his ability to distill his knowledge and experience and focus it on our specific challenges. Unlike many other advisers, he has been able to provide both a strategic perspective and very hands-on recommendations and ideas for specific action items. 
I can recommend him as an adviser for start-ups wanting to get sharp and concrete feedback on their ideas and material."

“I think that the combination of a great strategic perspective combined with very concrete hands-on questions, recommendations and ideas that VenAdvisory has provided us with has added significant value to our preparations and material after only a few conversations. It is also clear that we have benefited from Geof’s experience in the start-up environment in terms of reference numbers and concepts - in other words a lot of value adding."

—Peter Kallestrup, Co-founder & CEO of i-Function


"I can't express fully how much I appreciate your time and expertise. Thank you for your genuine interest in helping me progress with Sleep Orbit. Your idea about soliciting investment/funding from the manufacturer(s) fundamentally changed the way I view my place and bargaining position as an early company. Thank you for opening my eyes."

—Jason Moore, Founder of Sleep Orbit



Testing MVP Assumptions

Business Model, Healthcare Lean Canvas, Go-to-Market

"VenAdvisory really helped in spotting the weaknesses/shortcomings in our project and offering a legitimate and practical solution toward fixing the problem. His experience really shows and will help in the near future."

—Kevin Fukuhara, PM of Ostomy Tech


Working with Geof Baker through VenAdvisory and Life Science Washington has been the most substantively productive and rewarding experience for our start-up team. While we are still in the proof-of-concept phase, his support and deep knowledge of the digital health space has helped the various members of our team think more clearly and focus more specifically on our product value proposition, our true customer target and the differentiated customer experience we would bring to market.  

While we know it is very difficult to make it through the "start-up environment" and eventually (hopefully) mature into an actual commercialized business, we feel we have a greater than fighting chance with the guidance and advice that Geof is facilitating us through.

—Catherine Caputo, Founder 360me, Inc.



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