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Optimizing Health System and Clinically Integrated Network Performance in at-risk Arrangements

Clinicians and executives need line of sight and actionable insights when participating in value-based case payment arrangements

  • Reducing cost variation internally and in post-anchor care settings

  • Identifying where efficiencies can be gained in supplies, time, OR operating rooms staffing and various service lines

  • Finding the right ambulatory referral partners in bundled payment arrangements

  • Drilling down into the actual cost vs paid claim amounts for better performance

  • Sharing insights to build collaborative practices for more efficient care pathways

  • Maintaining market competitiveness with cost and price transparency

  • Curating data from multiple sources and enabling executives to optimize financial and clinical outcomes under risk-based contracts.


Royal Jay is a value performance analytic platform that curates disparate healthcare data into decision-making insights so that healthcare executives can unlock organizational value.

The solution identifies opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce variation and waste, manage risk, and improve margins.


What to expect in the interview

The interview takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. There are no right, or wrong answers and we are looking for your informed opinions, so please don't hold back!

If you are willing to help, one or more representatives from VenAdvisory will interview you, asking questions about how Royal Jay can be used in your organization’s workflow.

  • Shortly before our interview, we will email you a web link with a survey poll and a new visual artifact.

  • During the interview, we will refer to a visual artifact.

  • You will be asked to complete a short online poll during the interview.


After the interview, we will send your honorarium check in appreciation for your time, consideration and helpful feedback.

At your election, VenAdvisory can also donate honorariums on your behalf to a charity of your choice and you will receive a receipt from the cause as confirmation of your donation. Thank you for making a difference!

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