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  • What growth opportunities can you realize from attractive new markets?

  • How can you shorten your sales cycle?

  • How can you increase your proof-of-value to customers?

  • Your question?


Geof Baker


There’s an elephant in the room.

It’s a challenge to launch a new product, service or solution in healthcare. Markets are crowded, adoption is slow, benefits realization is required, and business models are complicated. Forty percent of all failed launches are due to product market fit alone.

What if you could get your solution to market in 30% less time and reduce your cost of customer acquisition by 40%?

There’s an evidence-based, go-to-market model, used by thousands of companies and entrepreneurs*. It’s a commercialization framework based on MIT’s Disciplined Entrepreneurship, Stanford Engineering’s Lean Canvas, National Science Foundation’s I-Corps and Gartner’s Challenger Sale. 


We should meet for 3 reasons:

  1. Explore how our team can help grow your revenues, business and other outcomes at higher velocity and lower cost.

  2. Explore how we can help you take what you have today and find new use cases to increase your growth, enterprise value and social impact.

  3. Explore how to increase your sales velocity and reduce your cost of customer acquisition.

Book 15 minutes with me at HLTH 2019 and let's discuss what VenAdvisory® and AccelerateGTM™, our cloud-based commercialization platform can do for you. 

About VenAdvisory

Our company, VenAdvisory®, helps startups, growth and enterprise organizations find market success in 30% less time at 40% less cost with commercialization software for sales insights, analytics, product-market fit, and CRM.

About Me

In the past three years, my advisors and I have mentored over 120 Founders and Teams from Mass Challenge and HIMSS Ventures with their investor pitches, business models and product roadmaps from proof-of-concept to scale.

Previously, I founded and sold several service and software companies. I have worked as Chief Marketing Officer for a $100M HIT company, served in executive roles at Cognizant managing a P&L of +$100M, executed transactions with corporate development teams (from $25M to $2.7BN), raised $16M in capital, founded, built then sold 2 IT companies (Optum, +$30M IQVIA). I also worked for HCA, EY, and Cigna.

I love the outdoors, jogging with my crazy pointer, and watching my daughter row on crew.

Want more info? Visit my LinkedIn profile or see VenAdvisory® customer results.

  • MIT (Disciplined Entrepreneurship), National Science Foundation (I-Corp’s Lean Launchpad), and Stanford (Four Steps to Epiphany) validated by over 1,450 teams, 230 universities, 600 startups, 1,800 enterprise companies, and 100,000 entrepreneurs. Challenger Sale (Matt Dixon, Brent Adamson), Gartner CEB, 4900 B2B Customer Research.