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About MIVS

The Mobile I.V. Systems (MIVS) originally began as an attempt to solve a critical problem for the military by freeing up soldiers and medics from holding an IV bag for a wounded soldier during battle. After successful research with the Department of Defense, MIVS is now investigating for specific use cases different market segments (i.e., veterinarian, zoos, EMS, home health, Total Parenteral Nutrition, wellness hydration, etc.)


Interview Objectives

Our objective is to understand and hear perspectives for the MIVS pressurized sleeve and IV admin set.

  • You are participating in an MVP process. A Minimum Viable Product is a completed stage of product that requires feedback on benefits and go-to-market assumptions from potential buyers and users

  • We’d like to validate, confirm or disprove our assumptions

  • What determines the success of solution like this for your customers and organization?