Healthcare Lean Canvas: Overview

Great Conversations Happen with Lean Canvas 

Lean Canvas is one of the most widely used tools today to test ideas, breakthroughs and solutions for business case funding, product market fit and go-to-market.

It invites conversations from multiple perspectives to focus, vet and advance an early decision on your opportunity. It articulates your product-market fit assumptions and saves time before you invest more effort. 

It’s also practical, versatile and proven. Thousands of companies and entrepreneurs have used Lean Canvas rather than unwieldy business plans that add time, overhead and unnecessary length.


What’s exciting about Lean Canvas is that it addresses many business disciplines, criteria and factors in one place. It visualizes how all key dimensions affect your new idea or solution on one concise chart. It also enables you to validate your key assumptions. You can pitch Lean Canvas to investors to make your business case or convey new product opportunities to internal stakeholders and customers. Lean Canvas supports not only collaborative brainstorming but also creates a shared language, framework and understanding of the go-to-market opportunities, issues and risks. Lean Canvas is iterative and evolves continually as your business activities, customer insights or assumptions change. Lean Canvas can be an effective precursor to a more comprehensive effort, such as Business Model Generation (e.g., Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur, Timi Clark, et al.).

Lean Canvas uses nine building blocks mapped in one poster. The left side represents the solution and the right side represents the market. Each block contains activities or assumptions about your solution that you will need to validate. All the elements should relate to other elements in different blocks.