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Congrats to Baze, Health 2.0 Runner-up

Baze: Where Pill Pack meets Precision Nutrition

Congratulations to Isam Haddad, Co-founder, Chief Scientist & CTO at Baze, 2nd runner-up out of 60 applicants at this week’s Health 2.0 HIMSS VentureConnect! VenAdvisory was thrilled to help Baze as pitch coach. Baze is a disruptive precision nutrition company using blood lab results for accurate dosage.

VenAdvisory tailored the pitch narrative for the Health 2.0 investor panel. We worked with the founder to create a compelling story for consumers (e.g., proof points such as savings in out-of-pocket doctor visit and lab costs, clinical validation, and consumer experience).

Courtesy of  Baze

Courtesy of Baze