Who will hear the next swoosh in health tech from the mighty swish? Does Amazon’s acquisition of PillPack drive convergence with Smart Adherence?

Several of our #startup CEOs and #medication #adherence #pharmacy clients asked us about the impact of the latest Amazon acquisition on their own business models, funding, and go-to-market plans so we thought we’d share our view. This acquisition can only accelerate the convergence trend we’re already seeing between door-to-door medication delivery companies like PillPack and smart adherence. PillPack offers frictionless fulfillment, delivery convenience, Pharmacy OS, #retailhealth, and text reminders. We see that this need for convenience and supply chain fulfillment will merge with #healthcare companies offering smart blister packs, pill bottles, and pill boxes. Smart adherence solutions don’t have to rely on data entry to text questions on mobile phones (when did you take your meds?). Also, Smart Adherence collects data continuously and passively (without data entry) and allows for #Precisionprescribing interval dosing data for improved adherence. Reimbursement that pays prescribers and pharmacists to review smart packaging data insights for follow-up helps drive convergence further. Here’s the snapshot of the landscape in delivery and smart adherence. #specialtypharma