Commercializing Healthcare Solutions in the U.S.

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Event Details

It’s a challenge breaking into the U.S. market. Traction is hard. Competition is intense. Companies use VC funding to buy business. Pilots are hard to convert into paying contracts for sustainability (LTCV). 

Too many companies falter in the go-to-market phase, exposing themselves to lower valuations, significant financing risks, and suboptimal outcomes. These companies may lack product-market fit, business model fit, localization, proof points, and customer validation. Forty percent of all failed launches are due product-market fit alone.

Then after you jump through all those hoops, further questions and dilemmas arise:

Who pays? The consumer? Insurance? The government? Pharma? It’s hard to follow the money while simultaneously making your business case in the U.S. with the plethora of reimbursement, business model and regulatory paths.

To create paths forward, VentureLab and VenAdvisory bring you a working, collaborative session where we will offer real-world, practical tools, frameworks and tips for commercializing health solutions in U.S. markets. See how you can save 30% more time and money while getting to market.

  • Snapshot of U.S. Market
    1. Providers
    2. Payers
    3. Pharma
    4. HCIT & Service Vendors (channel)
    5. Considerations
  • Playbook: U.S. Go-To-Market (GTM) Case Study
    1. Commercialization Framework
    2. Key Questions
    3. Process
    4. Considerations
  • What NOT to Do
    1. Common Traps
  • Discussion
    1. Other Experiences Q&A


  • 10:00 a.m. Registration, networking and light refreshments

  • 10:30 a.m. Workshop starts

  • 1:30 p.m. Workshop concludes


Who Should Attend this Session?

  • Digital health companies

  • $1M to $75M in ARR or ready to look at U.S. markets

  • CEOs, Product Managers, Chief Revenue Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Strategy



Geof Baker

Managing Director @VenAdvisory

The advisors and Geof at VenAdvisory serve startup, growth-stage, and enterprise-class organizations by accelerating the adoption of innovative solutions in healthcare ecosystems. VenAdvisory has worked with over 80 healthcare CEOs with their business and go-to-market (GTM) plans, judged winning pitches at HIMSS, Mass Challenge and Health 2.0 and work with incubators. 

Geof is active in digital health leadership communities as a workshop facilitator and speaker at conferences. Previously, he founded and sold several service and software companies. He has have worked as Chief Marketing Officer for a $100M HIT company, served in executive roles at Cognizant managing a P&L of +$100M, executed transactions with corporate development teams (from $25M to $2.7BN), raised $16M in capital, founded, built then sold 2 IT companies (Optum, +$30M IQVIA). His prior work experience includes HCA, EY, and Cigna. He received his MBA from the Wharton School of Business and BA from Williams College.        

On-Site Event Location

This workshop event will be on-site at the IBM Innovation Space - Markham Convergence Centre in Ontario from 10:00 am – 1:30 pm EDT on July 26, 2018.