What questions should your GTM efforts answer?


HOW will you stay relevant? Do you have a defined growth strategy?

WHAT opportunities exist in the near, intermediate and long-term for your solution(s) given healthcare and IT trends by customer market segment (provider, payer, life sciences, consumer)?

WHAT is the addressable market size, degree of competition, adoption, investment and level of execution required to pursue these opportunities?

WHAT is your proposed solution for targeting customers and how does it solve major customer problems (i.e., business value and outcomes)? WHO should you actively target (buyer/decision-maker personas, channels)? 
WHAT are the priority opportunities? 

WHY are you excited about these opportunities (game changer)?

WHAT is your POV for each proposed market segment? WHY are they unique?

WHAT will it take (resources, investment, IP, capabilities, CSFs, GTM strategies) to execute on these opportunities and acquire customers? WHAT are the risks? HOW will your competitors respond? 

WHAT market and financial scenarios (entry, exit, customer segment, geography, sales targets, timing, channels, business case, key assumptions) are anticipated?

WHAT proof points (customer insights) validate the GTM strategies before commitments are made? Have you validated key hypotheses and assumptions with at least 10 representative customers?

WHAT are the 60/90/180 day plans for GTM execution (priorities, objectives, activities and KPIs)?