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Interview Background


VenAdvisory is conducting market research to identify what data and analytics would be useful for care teams to manage heart failure patients between visits. A robot companion collects this data from patient conversations and connected devices. Secure data results are then transmitted to the care team.

Join us to explore ways how the data would:

  • Be presented to the heart failure care team
  • Save nurses time in their workflows.

Your valuable feedback helps us validate several key assumptions:

  • The data collected by the robot is important and clinically useful
  • The data provided to you is more valuable than what you get today
  • The information about the patient is presented in a way that makes sense and it is displayed efficiently
  • What’s missing?

How data is captured

Mabu Personal Health Companion

In-home (post-discharge) patient data is captured by Mabu, a friendly, in-home robot companion for people with heart problems. Mabu provides educational conversations and teach-backs to confirm understanding of care plan goals. She supports, reminds and monitors patients with complex conditions, helping them to stay on therapy longer, reinforcing healthy lifestyle habits, attending appointments and taking medications and vitals as prescribed.

The data Mabu captures from the patient every day is automatically transmitted to the healthcare team. Reports are generated and dashboards are populated with results. When a patient’s condition changes, Mabu provides notifications to the care team for timely follow-up.

Key Mabu Features:

  • monitors patient symptoms and progress remotely
  • collects, analyzes and transmits results, insights and notifications to the care team for follow-up as necessary. Notifications come from patient requests and responses to Mabu questions such as clarifying symptoms and out-of-range trends from biometric device results.
  • saves time by identifying patients needing attention early on at-a-glance1
  • streamlines communication between patient and care team for faster response turnaround.
  • captures patient responses from configurable patient reported outcome surveys.
  • delivers analytic reports on key patient metrics with population and patient-specific views.

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