For your review

Please review the following slides before your interview. Click on each image below.

What to expect in the interview

The interview takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. There are no right, or wrong answers and we are looking for your informed opinions, so please don't hold back! 

If you are willing to help, one or more representatives from VenAdvisory will interview you, asking questions about how Mabu

  • Shortly before our interview, we will email you a web link with a survey poll and a new visual artifact.

  • During the interview, we will refer to the visual and survey poll.

Interview Objectives

Your invaluable feedback helps us validate several key assumptions:

  • The data collected by the robot is important and clinically useful

  • The data provided to you is more valuable than what you get today

  • The information about the patient is presented in a way that makes sense and it is displayed efficiently.

  • What’s missing?

Mabu Personal Health Companion

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After the interview, we will send your honorarium check in appreciation for your time, consideration and helpful feedback.

At your election, VenAdvisory can also donate honorariums made to any one of the following charities or charity of your choice. Participants will receive a receipt from the cause as confirmation of your donation. Thank you for making a difference!