Since 2008, we've worked on dozens of product-market fit, POC and go-to-market engagements across several provider specialties, health systems, ambulatory care, pharma, clinical trials, insurance, medical devices, HIT vendors and financial services. We work with large enterprises and early stage ventures.

Breakthrough in Orthopedic Patient Recovery.

Commercializing an Innovative Technology Portfolio for Healthcare.

Winning Over Investors and Getting Funded.

Shorter Time-to-Market and Building a Better Business Case.

Go-to-Market Sales Playbook for HIE

Lean Startup Comes to HR.

Collaborating to Define the Customer Journey.



Breakthrough in Orthopedic Patient Recovery.



Launching an entirely new wearable technology that expands products into new healthcare markets. 

  • What segments look attractive?
  • Why do customers see our value?
  • How will we differentiate? 
  • What is our brand positioning?
  • How should we price value?
  • How will we get faster traction? 
  • Why will this help our existing business?
  • How will customers define success?

Our Results

  • Sized viability of $1BN market by customer segment.
  • Built business case resulting in board investor approval.
  • Aligned solution’s value-based pricing with customer business model.
  • Conducted lean validation interviews with 22 thought leaders. Verified maximum value propositions, jobs to be done, product market fit, pricing and roadmap priorities.
  • Differentiated brand positioning and proof points from 60+ vendors.
  • Developed disruptive business operating model to dislodge competitors and gain faster customer traction.


Market Strategy, Customer Validation, Product Market Fit, Business Case, Pricing, Brand Positioning, Go-to-Market

VenAdvisory delivered the expertise for launching an entirely new category in wearable healthcare technology expanding our product line to a new market base. They did a fantastic job for us.

VenAdvisory was instrumental in helping us create scenarios for our business case reflecting regulatory changes and internal resource constraints. We were confident with their work to present to our private equity investors. Their work addressed how we can be successful in the Medicare bundled payments and commercial health plan markets.

On the product launch side, they de-risked our go-to-market assumptions by validating key proof points with over 22 external buyers and influencers. With their years of experience and design process, they helped build our brand positioning; differentiating our novel solution from scores of other companies in a highly competitive marketplace.”
— Brad Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Breg



Commercializing an Innovative Technology Portfolio for Healthcare.



A $540M sponsored-research organization with a vast IP portfolio needed to find fast, proven ways to commercialize its technologies in healthcare. With so many opportunities in machine learning, cybersecurity, conversational modeling, NLP and virtual reality, SRI needed the expertise of VenAdvisory to:

  • Establish selection criteria.
  • Evaluate viable market segments.
  • Identify customer use cases, personas and jobs to be done.
  • Size total addressable markets (TAM)
  • Examine channels, competitors and business models for market potential.
  • Create the business cases for funding, licensing, or sale.

Our Results

  • Saved SRI several months of due diligence and time to market with our systematic market validation frameworks.
  • Helped SRI avoid investing resources in irrelevant or inferior alternatives.
  • Created business cases for the top 5 digital health commercialization opportunities.
  • Sifted through a technology portfolio with over 300 use cases for 35 market segments.
  • Identified unique value propositions to position SRI’s most promising technologies for spinouts, funding by venture capital or licensing to channel partners.


Digital Health, Strategic Advisory Services, Market Strategy, Lean Canvas, Product Market Fit

At SRI, we are always looking to make an impact with our cutting-edge research. I was particularly interested in making such an impact in the digital healthcare area and needed some fast, practical help. We brought in Geof and his team from VenAdvisory to find the right use cases for our technologies and to test our go-to-market (GTM) assumptions.

VenAdvisory first spent time with our technology teams understanding the technology base and the specific advantages they provided. They then quickly helped size the markets, understand the competition, and helped to define possible value props with the technology.

I liked how they adapted the lean business canvas model to our technology portfolio: defining possible use cases, filtering our top opportunities and finding avenues to early commercialization. We’re now moving forward on the digital health roadmap developed by VenAdvisory with our teams.”
— Manish Kothari, President, SRI Ventures



Winning Over Investors.



Eye Carrot, a Canadian-based, vision therapy solutions provider wanted to validate market opportunities in North America for its disruptive digital health solution. 

The CEO needed a compelling business case with strong evidence for his upcoming round of funding.

Eye Carrot hired us to stress test various market assumptions, what to price, use cases and customer adoption. These key drivers needed to be built into a “what-if” financial model with multiple scenarios for fundraising purposes. 

Our Results

  • Client raised a multi-million investment using our robust business case, dynamic financial model and supporting market validation and pricing research. 
  • Identified four primary market segments and sized the total and service addressable markets with authoritative interviews, clinical evidence, and primary market research. 


Market Strategy, Lean Canvas, Investor Business Case

Eyecarrot connects vision science with brain science. We’ve developed a breakthrough platform and service model to enhance oculomotor sensory performance across multiple treatment modalities.

Investor interest in our story, technology and team has been significant. What we needed was substantive evidence of market opportunities in the U.S. to build our growth story. We met VenAdvisory initially at JP Morgan Healthcare and Health 2.0. When we met again, it was clear they had invested considerable effort into understanding our business. They earned our business.

We retained the VenAdvisory team to evaluate market opportunities and business models in several markets. We had a short timeline and needed a focused investor story. VenAdvisory exceeded our expectations in validating key assumptions for these addressable market segments.

I liked their frameworks, ability to distill vast amounts of market data, find solid comparables, and provide a sensible direction for our go-to-market strategy. They even found new customer categories for us to exploit our technologies in ways we had not foreseen. They also helped de-risk our story, cautioning us against entering one saturated market category.

VenAdvisory collaborated with us closely, coaching us and delivering an invaluable financial planning model and investor story that we use today for our banking meetings.”
— Adam Cegielski. CEO & Founder, Eyecarrot



Clinicians See More Patients and Get Paid for New Interventions.



A pharma company needed to reduce payment denials and claims paperwork for providers. The company hired us to solve this problem based on our design, clinical workflow, EHR, claims, billing and digital health product expertise. 

Getting paid for a new procedure, medication or treating patients with digital health technologies requires completing lots of billing paperwork. This paperwork takes clinicians away from treating patients. Also, device manufacturers and pharma have to pay for experts at expensive call centers to support the follow-up on this paperwork. 

Our Results

Our client was delighted. We brought to life the value and benefits of a new automated process and easy-to-use tool for their customers; clinicians and office staff.

  • Collapsed customer paperwork time from several hours to minutes.
  • Liberated more time for clinicians to see patients since front office staff could quickly assemble documentation electronically from many sources. 
  • Helped increase customer adoption of product.
  • Reduced the need for complex coding skills.
  • Decreased reliance on the expensive call center.
  • Created configurable workflows to increase throughput.
  • Created KPIs to track customer success, issues and who needed help.  


Digital Health, Design Thinking, New Product Development, Change Management, Agile IT Services, Solution Architecture, Process Improvement, Customer Jobs-to-be-Done/Journey Maps, Proof of Concept


Shorter Time-to-Market and Building a Better Business Case.



Reform of U.S. healthcare with bundled payments requires retooling of EHRs and provider services delivered to health consumers.  

Clinicient, an EMR and billing software company, wanted to capitalize on bundled payment reform in CCJR for its physical therapy customers.

To be successful, Clinicient’s customers would need to deliver care at lower cost, reduce variation, and improve patient compliance and functional outcomes. 
Clinicient hired VenAdvisory to evaluate the business case for entry into bundled payments and how its existing service solutions could address the jobs needed to be done by its customers in this new business model. 


Our Results

  • Supported board decision-making efforts and investor meetings with our business case, market validation and sizing work.  
  • Identified business models and value-added solutions that can disrupt legacy vendors in the orthopedic rehab market.   
  • Secured stakeholder agreement early on with visual design thinking tools and value trees.
  • Positioned our client with product-market fit requirements to build a loyal customer base (i.e., CCJR Medicare total hips/knees).
  • Saved the client cost and time on solution roadmaps with alternatives for assemble, buy or build.
  • Performed lean customer validation to develop requirements and reference architecture for an innovative, scalable solution. Solution supports predictive follow-up, patient self-care, recovery and collaboration with providers while reducing paperwork for reporting outcomes data. 
  • Shortened time-to-market for new solutions by adapting product strategy, product marketing and voice of customer processes into product management.
  • Made it easy for our client to see their desired outcomes with our agile project approach and Kanban tools. 


Market Strategy, Customer Validation, Lean Canvas, Investor Business Case, Brand Positioning, Operations Improvement, Change Management, Solutions Architecture, Agile

Value-based reimbursement has transformed how musculoskeletal care is delivered and how patients stay engaged. We hired VenAdvisory to construct a solution blueprint that leveraged Medicare’s CJR (hip and knee replacement) payment program. This blueprint allows providers to participate in savings, increase patient referrals, demonstrate evidence-based outcomes and care coordination, and improve patient self-care, accountability and satisfaction.

The VAS team came up to speed very quickly, developing the strategy and the plans to:

• Identify new revenue opportunities.
• Apply design thinking frameworks to size, identify and validate market opportunities and points of differentiation for Clinicient.
• Craft and validate Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with prospective customers to save us time-to-market
• Use Agile planning to speed internal decision-making on cross-functional projects.
• Improve our Go-To-Market (GTM) by identifying collaboration processes to close hand-off gaps between product, engineering, product marketing, and voice of the customer.

We also found their Total Addressable Market (TAM) analysis to be compelling and rigorous. The financial modeling of key assumptions was invaluable for building business cases for strategic relationships.

VenAdvisory has the depth of multi-disciplinary experience in healthcare, solution development, technical architecture, change management, and product marketing that few companies have. Their team members have run large IT programs, startups and launched many healthcare solutions that bring credibility to their work. Additionally, they are well-liked by our board and management team and ran lean so their pricing affords access to senior professionals who can complement internal expertise without the burden of “overhead” that comes with other firms. In three months, they gained our trust and became our go-to team and sounding board for most of our challenging business issues. I highly recommend them.”
— Rick Jung, Chairman and CEO, Clinicient



Find, Acquire, Keep Health Consumers Engaged.


The transition from volume to value demands the reshaping of digital engagement strategies with health consumers. 

A regional health system of doctors and hospitals wanted to increase market share, lower customer acquisition costs, steer health consumers to more cost-effective settings and improve the mobile experience. 

The health system’s customer journey stopped at the website front door and real-time, appointment scheduling was lacking resulting in lost referrals.

The health system provider directory lacked a mobile responsive design for health consumers on the go. 

Our Results

  • Collaborated to map customer jobs-to-be-done, what was working, what was unique, what was not and what needed to change in the customer journey. 
  • Designed a mobile solution that delivered the right information to the right consumer at the right time with the right context for care and cost.
  • Developed a proof-of-concept that differentiated the consumer healthcare search, selection and EHR patient portal experiences from competitors.  
  • Demonstrated how the health system could enjoy a greater competitive advantage when their physician referrals, service line campaigns, digital properties and patient apps were guided by clinical context and behavioral analytics.


Design Thinking, Jobs-to-be-Done, Storyboards, Customer Journey Mapping, Process Improvement, Solution Architecture, Agile IT Services, Proof-of-Concept, Mobile Prototype


Go-To-Market Sales Playbook and Business Case.



Change Healthcare (formerly Emdeon), the largest financial and administrative network in U.S. healthcare, hired us to discover how their top line could be increased by leveraging a portfolio of claims clearinghouse services and EHR applications for the health information exchange (HIE) market. 

The CFO, COO and EVP of Strategy needed a strategy, business case and pro-forma model to underpin further resourcing decisions. 

Our Results

  • Our go-to-market playbook, product market fit, pricing assumptions, and dynamic financial modeling provided the business case so the executive team could identify the investment efforts required for several new solutions.
  • Helped shorten the sales cycle by adapting our financial model to a customer ROI business case. The client’s sales team could now more easily demonstrate the value and savings of these new solutions to prospects


Market Strategy, Go-to-Market playbook, Business Case, Pricing, Dynamic Financial Model


Applying Lean Validation to Avoid Wasting Resources and Time.


National research shows that performance appraisals don't work, are painful and disliked. 

A work collaboration startup wanted businesses to replace their performance appraisals with daily, virtual feedback from team interactions. 

The startup wasn’t sure if managers could review employees without their appraisals. Investors were not ready to fund the company without customer validation.

Before incurring further cost and engineering effort, the startup wanted to validate customer interest.

Our Results

  • Saved the startup team from wasting further time, resources and investor money.
  • The non-viable business case helped investors and team to move on.
  • Lean customer validation with hiring managers at 32 companies showed a hyper-competitive market with imminent entry by SaaS HR vendors, converging features sets and expectations of freemium pricing.
  • Designed a storyboard and built a prototype to pressure test hypotheses, assumptions, and value propositions and jobs-to-be-done/use cases with prospective customers.


Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Jobs-to-be-Done, Storyboards, Customer Journey Mapping, Lean Canvas, Proof-of-Concept, Lean Customer Validation


Design Thinking for Cancer Care.



A tertiary cancer care institution wanted to improve patient experience from provider selection to treatment then survivorship.

We worked with key stakeholders to develop iconic personas, jobs-to-be-done and a "to-be" process with rich interactions.


  • Created the “as-is” and "to-be" persona-based experience map. 
  • Detailed a customer’s journey and emotions through every touch point with providers, the institution’s proposed solution, channels, expected interactions and desired results.


Design Thinking, Jobs-to-be-Done, Customer Journey Mapping


Designing and Driving Adoption for a Better Data Collection Experience for All in Clinical Trials.


Corrona engaged VenAdvisory to address the challenges in lower data collection costs and administrative burdens for clinical sites while improving practice satisfaction and maintaining FDA, CFR 21 Part 11 compliance.

Delivering accurate clinical trial results to sponsors depends on effective practice site relationships. Since payments for patient enrollment are limited, clinical research organizations must find new ways to add value and make it easier for practice sites to do business with them.

Corrona, which runs one of the largest observational registries in rheumatoid arthritis, needed practical options to reduce the cost, time and administrative burden of collecting clinical survey data from practice sites and their patients.

Over time, overhead burdens with manual data entry into EDCs, follow-up on exception queries, and needs for more data points increased the cost and time of paper survey completion and downstream time-to-publication. Survey fatigue became a concern, resulting in skewed or small data sets and disenrollment. Finally, practices sought to pre-populate survey data forms with EHR data to limit double entry. 


Our Results

  • Visualized and simplified real-world clinical processes with “opportunity” hotspots to decrease data collection inefficiency, improve value and optimize data quality.
  • Developed research discussion guide with key questions to drive insights and testing of hypotheses and assumptions for introducing new workflows and automated tools.
  • Conducted site interviews and observed site practice flows to differentiate what people say vs. what they do.
  • Identified how and where the new data tool could be used to engage patients better and adequately prepare them for conversations with their doctors. This included education needs, user interface, health literacy, and workflows.
  • Validated key roll-out assumptions: including whether the automated data collection tool could be i) as easy as a paper survey and ii) prepopulated to save on unnecessary repetition and costly entry time.
  • Collaborated with Corrona to design positive experiences, interactions, messaging and training strategies for a new data tool to improve adoption. 
  • Created compelling, understandable, narrative-rich personas, stories and voices to simplify highly complex data collection processes.
  • Client is now in full-on roll-out stage, implementing both our strategies and insights in the introduction of the new data technology.


Research Plan and Procedure, Interview Guides, FAQs, Personas, Jobs-to-be-Done, User Stories, Clinical Workflows, As-Is and To-Be Unified Model Language (UML), Provider and Patient Journey Maps, Storyboards


Engage Patients. Reduce Readmissions. Save Time.

Mabu is a social robot and personal health coach for patients with complex conditions like heart failure. Mabu talks with patients, providing education and motivation to help them manage their condition, scheduling calls and appointments, collecting patient survey data, and simplifying communications between patients and their care team. With Mabu, patients are more engaged, follow their care plan more closely, adhere to their medications, and receive highly personalized care. And, providers can keep in touch with more patients with complex needs, more frequently and more cost-effectively, so that outcomes are improved and readmissions are reduced. 

Click here to learn more about Mabu by Catalia Health.